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Dear Visitor,
The Hungarian Month of Photography, which is being held annually from 2019, once again presents to the public in Hungary a world-famous photographer: the oeuvre exhibition of Nobuyoshi Araki is one of the most important parts of thisyear’s festival. The national photography festival also strives each year to puta spotlight on the most renowned Hungarian photographers on the contemporary scene – alongside the international artists. Accordingly, in addition to the foreigncontemporary and historical exhibitions, the works of nearly twenty contemporaryHungarian photographers will be presented at the festival.

The Araki exhibition is being held at the Mai Manó House, while works by the scholarship holders of the Association of Hungarian Photographers can be seen atthe Art Market Budapest, the photography of Géza Perneczky at the Capa Center, and the oeuvre of Judit Kárász at the Hungarian Museum of Photography (as partof the Bauhaus I00 series). Concurrently, several of the most successful artists inthe younger generation are participating in the Month of Photography with theirmost recent works, including Máté Dobokay at the acb Gallery, Zoltán Vadászi and Ákos Rajnai at the MyMuseum Gallery, and Tamás Varga at the B32 Gallery. Meanwhile, the Studio of Young Photographers is taking part in the series of events with an exhibition of photographs by its new members; the Studio, which operates under the auspices of the Association of Hungarian Photographers, presents works by outstanding photographers in the under-35 generation.

A special pleasure this year is the participation of new exhibition halls and galleries in the festival. Last year, more than twenty thousand people attended the Hungarian Month of Photography festival; it has thus become Hungary’s largestnational photo festival.

Péter Baki
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