ISBN books+gallery
1084 Budapest
Víg utca 2.
1 October 2019
31 October 2019
Opening speech by:
Chris Leslie

The exhibition presents the recent book by Marija Nemcenko and Anna Tudos, under the same title. Their project investigates residential blocks of the past and the present, touching upon various examples from all over Europe. BRUT is a multi-fold project, which encompasses a network of artworks, public lectures, workshops and now a publication. Its aim is to change the common narrative around the built heritage of the late 20th century and to explore brutalist architecture not just through an aesthetic argument, but also taking social, cultural and political aspects into consideration. In this project, the concrete edifices that changed Europe’s urban face in the post World War II climate are discussed for what they really are – as affordable housing structures.

Just like the ideas of communal living, community, private and public experiences, the publication and the exhibition have the people, the tenants at their cores, who inhabit these buildings.

In the exhibition, visitors will be able to reconsider the future of urban structures through better understanding the built environment and the utopian visions of the past. We are addressing the emptiness that remains past demolition, physical eradication of this type of housing and intangible inheritance such as memories, experiences and speculations that remain.