Art Collectors’ House
1023 Budapest
Zsigmond tér 8.
25 October 2019
31 October 2019
Opening speech by:
Andras Ágh

The central theme of this exhibition is our search for directions in photography in the recent years. The title, From Negative to Positive, has two meanings. One of the senses is technical, because over the past 20 years, the group moved on from the analogue technique to the digital, and in recent years some of our members returned to the use of traditional film. The other sense concerns how we think about the world: we seek to be sensitive of our surroundings, try to capture and show progressive ideas and experiences amidst all the negative occurrences and problems.

Therefore, the pictures we present are centred around the relationship and interaction of humans and their surroundings, the natural and the built environment. However, it is man who stands in the focus, hopefully more often in a positive than in a negative light.

Artists: András Ágh, Tibor Hohl, Iván Karácsony, István Kovács, Csaba Németh, Róbert Varga