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1067 Budapest
Eötvös utca 2.
19 September 2019
24 October 2019
Opening speech by:
Máté Dobokay

The conceptual work of Máté Dobokay pushes the boundaries of photography. It is often without the use of a camera, in the course of lengthy research, that he exposes the inner workings of photography, its raw material, chemical and physical components. The paper, the chemicals and chemical reactions of photography become the tools of his investigations, and the works that arise in these photographic experiments can almost no longer be called photographs. The exhibition, Density is centred around three different series Dobokay created between 2013–2019, and lays bare, with the help of abstract images and objects, the praxis of an artist who studies the materiality of photography. The selection looks at questions related to the medium, the material, and the relationship of photography and painting.