Capa Center
1065 Budapest
Nagymező utca 8.
17 October 2019
8 December 2019
16 October 2019
Opening speech by:
Dávid Fehér
Géza Perneczky

With the exhibition Mirrors, the Capa Center dedicates the first comprehensive museum presentation to the artist Géza Perneczky (*1936, Keszthely, Hungary). The focus is on the artist’s early conceptual photographic work created1970-1975; the period that coincides with Perneczky’s emigration to Cologne. It was largely during this short period of time that Perneczky created his most famous works, that are now represented in renowned collections, among others the Metropolitan Museum NY, MoMA NY, and the Centre Pompidou. Curated by Swiss art historian Patrick Urwyler, the exhibition brings together a comprehensive selection of photography, sketches and documentary material from Géza Perneczky’s private archive.

«[…] Then you’ll see the word art reflection on the soap bubbles before they dissolve…» Perneczky’s well known Art Bubble (1972) series is the most prominent work that uses reflections and mirroring effects in its concept. Mirrors represent one of the leitmotifs of Perneczky’s photographic work and they act as a red line that guides through the exhibition. Mirrors were used over the years by the artist in various works and functions: As a protagonist (Concepts like Commentary, 1971 and Yes No Concept 1971), a requisite (Mirror, 1972), a technical aid (Reflex, 1974) or to produce a truly unique self-portrait (Cyclops, 1975). Perneczky’s mirrors are constitutive for his photographic work, which at the same time represents a mirror image of art in its time. The exhibition presents Géza Perneczky as a dissident artist who created iconic photographic concepts, that offer foresight and concisely comment on art and life between east and west.

Curator: Patrick Urwyler

In cooperation with Chimera-Project.