SIGIL Gallery
2626 Nagymaros
Váci út 21.
12 October 2019
5 November 2019
Opening speech by:
István Tamás Kocsis

The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic parish church in Nagymaros, is the only extant medieval Christian monument in the Danube Bend. Like so often during its history, the church was recently renovated on the initiative of locals, through public contributions and support from the government. The building abounds in beauties of art, applied art and religious history that are unique in Nagymaros and the Danube Bend, including the restored windows, the late gothic spire from the period of King Matthias, Ferenc Lohr’s seccos, Imre Zsellér’s historicizing painted windows, the Angster organ, the bells by Szlezák and Thury, and the high altar made by Károly Bebó. Entitled Renewed More Sacred Together, the exhibition features large photos and figures to introduce the details and history of this piece of national treasure, the life of the artists, and the timeless collaboration of the residents of Nagymaros.