acb Attachment
1065 Budapest
Eötvös utca 2.
18 October 2019, 6 pm
Opening speech by:
Máté Dobokay

Acb Attachment hosts Máté Dobokay’s (1988) first solo exhibition as acb artist. In his practice, the young conceptual artist explores the limits of photography: he often uses cameraless means and operates with long phases of research before unveiling the inner structure, the raw materials, chemical and physical components of photography. The paper, the photographic chemicals and the chemical reactions being the tools of his investigations, the works resulting of his photographic experiments cannot exactly be labelled as photography. The exhibition entitled Density revolves around three different series that Dobokay elaborated between 2013 and 2019. The selection featuring abstract pictures focuses on the medium and its material aspects, as well as on the relation between photography and painting.

Máté Dobokay graduated from the University of Pécs and the Photography department of the University of Kaposvár. In 2018, he was the corecipient of the first MODEM prize in Debrecen. He has been showing his works regularly since 2012, in the Ludwig Museum, the Vasarely Museum, the MODEM and the New Budapest Gallery among others, and has participated in numerous European shows.

The exhibition was supported by NKA.