B32 Gallery
1111 Budapest
Bartók Béla út 32.
13 November 2019
6 December 2019
Opening speech by:
Tamás Varga

“For me too, time is moving in one direction, it’s becoming increasingly important...

Photography is the motor of my own time, I rise and sleep with it, it is a basis for orientation, a great travelling companion.

I chose a year from my time. One year, three exhibitions; they will come, happen and pass, and I use my own time as regards the themes.

My own time begins in 2010. This was when I made the first wet collodion plate, still difficult to make out.”

Tamás Varga

The April 2019 exhibition of Tamás Varga, Before My Time, presented series he had relegated to the drawer, Thickening (2009) and Jakes (2008).

His current show, After My Time, selects from works created since 2010, made with the wet collodion process and on silver gelatin dry glass plates.

Most of the pictures are single copies, cannot be duplicated with traditional methods, and each bears its creator’s distinctive “touch.”

The exhibition is also the official introduction of the photographic album, Tamás Varga: Silver.