Zsolt Olaf Szamódy’s Ez van book launch
Mai Manó House
1065 Budapest
Nagymező utca 20.
6 PM, 20 October 2022

Opening speech by:
Zsolt Olaf Szamódy: Ez van 2022

I’m not keen on categories, and I wouldn’t like to define my own work. What I do consider important is that the primary subject of photography is humans, and their environment, both what they build and what they damage. It is the artist’s task to record all this, to create in this realm. Your approach can be documentarian, or what you can call creative, which is rearranging reality. Respecting reality, imaging it, is more in my line, though the visual language and the visual mode of expression are important for me when I take a picture. I would like to do this by resorting to as little verbal information as possible and I hope that I sometimes manage to do so.

Participants: Á. József Tóth, Péter Baki, Attila Jász, Zsolt Olaf Szamódy