Foton Gallery
1065 Budapest, Képíró utca 6.
5–16 October 2021

5 October 2021, 6 PM
Opening speech by:
Tamás Kovács B.: Untitled, 2019, giclée print in wooden frame, 90 × 67,5 cm

Introducing the new members of the Studio of Young Photographers - an exhibition

The game is played by at least two people, while there is no upper limit to the number of participants. The players write the following questions on a piece of paper: Who? With whom? Where? When? Why? What did they do? The questions can be changed, new ones can be added. Each player gives a written response to the first question they see, folds the paper so their answer cannot be seen, and passes the paper on to the next player, who answers the next question. There are no restrictions as to what answers can be given. A round lasts until all the questions have been answered. When there are no more questions, the answers are read aloud. Sometimes there is loud laughter, sometimes there isn’t.

The Studio of Young Photographers invites you to play at the debut exhibition of its new members.

Exhibiting artists: ÁKOS Levente, BÁNYÁSZ Anna, BÓKA Krisztina, DÓKA Gábor, HOR Adri, KIS-KÉRY Anna, KOVÁCS B. Tamás, KRÁSZ Kíra, MARKÓ Luca, VITRAY Annaszofi

Organizers, quizmasters: BALOGH Viktória, NAGY Iza, NÉMETH Domonkos, TÓTH Emese, VARGA Domonkos

This exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund.