The Geniuses of Light: A Conference on Aladár Székely
Ferenc Erkel Regional Museum
5700 Gyula
Kossuth utca 17.
04 November 2022

Opening speech by:

Speakers of the conference:

János Cseresznyés (historian EFM), Gyula Sáfár Gyula (archivist, director), Gábor Szappanos (historian EFM), Adrienn Horváth-Nagy (museologist EFM)

The research project looks at sources on the careers and activities of four outstanding people, who were born in Gyula and who achieved local, national and world fame through such work and achievements in the fields of science, technology and industrial development that were based on the potentials of light. Their inventions and scientific achievements are related by the fact that they are based on the study and exploitation of light as a physical phenomenon, and they represent a broad range of applications. The museologists of the Erkel Ferenc Regional Museum will carry out research into the public history of the following persons, and into the technological history of the innovations associated with them:

  1. Emánuel Reisner (Gyulavári, 1846 – Gyula, 1918) – match manufacturer
  2. Aladár Székely (Gyula, 1870 – Budapest, 1940) – photographer
  3. Imre Bródy (Gyula, 1891 – Mühldorf, 1944) – inventor of the krypton-filled light bulb
  4. Zoltán Bay (Gyulavári, 1900 – Washington, 1992) – physicist, originator of the definition of the metre based on the speed of light, and of a Moon radar experiment