Szilágyi Csilla, Herczeg Tamás: Transfuse
Faur Zsófi Gallery
1114 Budapest
Bartók Béla út 25.
11 – 25 October 2022

Opening speech by:
Tranfuse, an installation by Csilla Szilágyi and Tamás Herczeg

Glass and concrete—airy and solid—meet. Think of concrete and the words that come into mind are “coarse,” “heavy” and “solid”; glass will elicit “transparent,” “light,” “airy” and “fragile.” Csilla Szilágyi’s works rely on this conspicuous contrast. In the objects she makes, these characteristics meld subtly, producing a harmonious unity. Tamás Herczeg uses lights to bring these sculptures to life. The lights now bring out, now hide elements of the sculptures, and sometimes a completely new work is created beyond the sculptures, as a new component is added to the clash of opposites. The playful lights are easily transformed in the glass, while they cannot penetrate the concrete, and spread on its surface instead, making the works softer, gentler. The two artists create the installation in collaboration.

The notions that inform the sculptures at this exhibition are vegetal growth, organic-geometric transformation, the cross-section of plant fibres, and the flow of life-giving materials.

Curator: Heckler Krisztina