Artphoto Gallery
1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 30.
16 November – 9 December 2021

Opening speech by:
György Szabó: Boy from ‘Tarján, 1969, giclée print

Artphoto Gallery presents a special exhibition where the meeting and fertile interplay of two art forms is highlighted through the person of an artist with a special talent. Sculptor György Szabó is best known for his influential works in the field of sculpture and medal art, and few people know that for a period he engaged in photography actively and with great talent. Some of these photos were exhibited at the joint exhibitions of the Orfeo Group between 1968 and 1972. Rich and intense, the photographic oeuvre has not been shown since then, and has been somewhat overshadowed by the artist’s work in sculpture.

The significance of the exhibition to be held at Artphoto Gallery is twofold: on the one hand, it “develops” and presents the photographic aspects of the oeuvre in the form of an exhibition, and on the other hand, synthesizes them with the sculptor’s work, revealing the artist’s two “selves,” and creating a rare and special occasion for reflection between the different outlooks and possibilities for artistic rendering.

The photographs are presented in the company of the artist’s sculptures, which create a special context for the former.