Sándor Zsila: Trees-birds
Hungarian Natural History Museum
1083 Budapest
Ludovika tér 2-6.
15 September – 09 November 2022

6 PM, 14 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Éva Keleti
Sándor Zsila: Garden of Eden, Bodrogkeresztúr – Dereszla lookout point, 2020, digital print, 300 x 140 cm

I have long wanted to make a thematic exhibition about birds or trees. I have always been interested in trees, they have been a constant subject of mine in one form or another. It takes years to track down a few meaningful images, so this exhibition could not have come about sooner. I started photographing birds some fifteen years ago, and there are now a sufficient number of good works to allow me to reckon with this subject as well. A standout feature of the exhibition is the group of prints in unusually large sizes and superb quality, dispersed among the smaller ones. Also, many of the pictures are black-and-white, especially those of the trees.

Curator: Keleti Éva