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1084 Budapest
Víg utca 2.
25 October – 25 November 2022

Opening speech by:
Alessandro Ludovico: Post-digital print - The Mutation of Publishing since 1894 – 2012

Beyond the medium of the book and printing, the role of paper has radically changed in the world of science and everyday life, and it is clearly endangered like many other analogue media. However, in the current post-critical era, it is both a counter-cultural medium and has created an intermediate, hybrid ecological sphere with digital culture. Timed for the publication in Hungary of Alessandro Ludovico’s book Post-Digital Print, the exhibition project Papírmunka (Paperwork) explores the theoretical and practical aspects of self-organising art publications, DIY publishers, zine projects, and photo books, and will also look at their historical precedents. At the accompanying events, practising artists and theoreticians will jointly shape what is an organic exhibition, reminiscent of the open editorial offices of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1980s.

Curators: Kelemen Pál, Istvánkó Bea, Miklósvölgyi Zsolt, Szabó Annamária