Lost in Translation
MyMuseum Gallery
1052 Budapest
Piarista köz 1.
03 November – 01 December 2022

7 PM, 03 November 2022
Opening speech by:
Márk Martinkó: Beyond the Cave, Budapest, 2020/21, lightbox installation

The works at the exhibition, Lost in Translation create situations to understand which requires a departure from a familiar language. They show cases when we miss the point of a message as we try to grasp the communicative intent solely within the confines of the linguistic – visual, technical, philosophical or textual – system we know. Attention to detail instead of contours; acceptance of the indecipherable instead of considering plausible logic as expert communication; psychological development in the language of fiction instead of adherence to reality; transitions instead of categories; and acceptance of multiple realities instead of a single true one. The recipient needs to make decisions, and can only interpret the works presented by letting go of familiar interpretive structures.

Exhibiting artists: HALÁSZ Dániel, LÁZÁR Dóri, MAYER Éva, Márk MARTINKÓ, RAJNAI Ákos, RUZSA Rania, Eirini SOURGIADAKI, VADÁSZI Zoltán, Isabel VAL 

Curator: Török Tünde