Hans van der Meer: Minor Mysteries
Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
1065 Budapest
Nagymező utca 8.
15 September – 23 December 2022

6 PM, 14 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Péter Forgács
Hans van der Meer: Budapest, 1985

The starting point of the exhibition is a series of street photos that Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer (b. 1955) took in Budapest in 1985–1986, early in his career—most of which have never been shown before. Against the backdrop of a society in transition, he observed situations on the street, focusing on people’s body language. The result is a series of photographs that provokes astonishment and questions—an approach that was to run through his entire oeuvre, along with a sense of humour and a penchant for the absurd. The exhibition also presents some of van der Meer’s later projects, revealing interesting connections and references to his stay in Hungary.

Curator: Claudia Küssel