György Mánfai: Naturalia – Etudes
House of Civil Communities
7624 Pécs
Szent István tér 17.
04 October – 02 November 2022

6 PM, 04 October 2022
Opening speech by:
Ildikó Dévényi
György Mánfai: untitled, Transylvania, 2009, digital technology

This year I turned 70, and the management of the Mecsek Photography Club invited me to a jubilee exhibition. It is a time for mortal man to look back and present his impressions of the most important stages of his life. As a photo documentator at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences of the PTE TTK, I have travelled to many countries and have been tasked with documenting the morphology, geology, cultural treasures, flora and fauna of the region, cities, urban structures and landmarks for educational purposes.

Curators: Kovács Ildikó, Dobó László, Nagy Dávid