From Palace to Parliament – Photo Exhibition on the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Otto von Habsburg
Castle Garden Bazaar
1013 Budapest
Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.
30 September – 01 December 2022

3 PM, 30 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Otto von Habsburg stepping out of a gate, ready to travel, ca. 1957, 10 x 15 cm

It is not easy to condense a long, eventful life into a few pictures. The last heir to the Hungarian throne was prepared from childhood for the role of a monarch by his parents and teachers. Even though his whole life was made difficult by the law that deprived him of his family fortune, two world wars, countless moves and intrigues, his innate thirst for action never waned. His political career, thousands of correspondents and dozens of publications on history, politics and public affairs are testament to this.

Although he did not have the opportunity to lead his loyal subjects from a palace, he did his utmost to ensure that a united Europe based on Christian civilisation could flourish within a parliamentary framework.