Beyond the Fence, America Awaits – Chapters about a City
ELTE BTK 6-8 Gallery
1088 Budapest
Múzeum körút 6-8. Alagsor
10 November 2022 – 30 May 2023

10 November 2022
Opening speech by:
Bálint Somlyó Dr.
Dávid András Szabó: Budapest, Bródy Sándor Street, 2022, digital process

The Institute for the Theory of Art and Media Studies at Eötvös Lóránd University launched its Film Director BA course in 2020. Students spend two semesters delving into the world of photography, making photo essays on set subjects, like the relationship between the city and humans.

Through these images, the twelve students gave voice to their individual relationships to the big city, Budapest. These photo series communicate their personal thoughts, experiences, feelings. This exhibition inaugurates the ELTE Alagsor Gallery.

Exhibiting artists: Albert Virág, Bekő Bozó Benedek, Bóna Jakab, Dávid Diána, Liliom Emese, Maróthy Emil, Nagy Dániel, Perecz Sára, Peszleg Barnabás, Szabó Dávid András, Szabó-Sipos Tamás, Vig Zsombor

Curator: Szita János