Barta 60 – Bodies: A Selection from the Oeuvre, 1980–2022
Artphoto Gallery
1111 Budapest
Bartók Béla út 30.
15 November – 22 December 2022

Opening speech by:
Barta Zsolt Péter: Lili, Kétbodony, 2005, archival print on Hahnemühle paper, 50 x 40 cm

We present a selection of the 60-year-old photographer’s work, from the beginnings to the present. “I’m interested in the anatomy of things,” the artist said recently. A large proportion of Zsolt Péter Barta's works are in some way related to the representation of the human body, a key element in his work from the very beginning and still important to him.

As he wrote:

“Art photographers clearly tended to turn away from directly political relations, and chose instead, at the time when I was starting out in the 1980s, subjects like the body and body image, which in themselves were taboo in socialism. This seemingly apolitical gesture, however, did not imply political immaturity, but gave voice in a less direct, or more indirect, manner to a new ideology, the experience of a generation embedded in aesthetics, and of the zeitgeist itself.”

He works at the interface between photography and fine art, which is reflected in the fact that four out of the nine international and Hungarian museums that hold his works focus on fine art, while five are dedicated to photography. His works can be found in nearly 40 private collections in Hungary and abroad (Europe and America), and he has published two albums (CodeX, 2007; Csarnok, 2009).