Attila Rékasi: Painting with Light – workshop
Kettőspont Theater
1092 Budapest
Ráday utca 39.
6 PM, 12 October 2022

Opening speech by:
Attila Rékasi: Created Spaces – G.I. Joe, Baja, 2020, c. p. light painting, 50 x 50 cm

This workshop on light painting introduces participants to this unique photographic technique, illustrating the theoretical foundations with practical examples. It seeks to help photographers working in creative-artistic fields to adopt an approach to their work that relies more on intervention, an artistic mindset. Not only can we learn a technique, we can also get an insight into the details of the image-making process, what it is like when we do not chase the moment, but plan the composition, the structures of lights, tones, colours, forms and spatial arrangements, to create a “crafted” image that does not slavishly copy reality.