Almudena Romero: Studeis on my grandma's garden
TOBE Gallery
1088 Budapest
Bródy Sándor utca 36.
19 October – 26 November 2022

7 PM, 18 October 2022
Opening speech by:
Kinga German
Almudena Romero: Hibiscus hand. Studies on my grandma’s garden. The Act of Producing. The Pigment Change., 2022, Photograph printed on Hibiscus leaf. Casted in bio resin fossil.

For her project, Studies on my grandma's garden, Almudena Romero used processes found in nature, such as photoperiodicity, photobleaching and photosynthesis, to create artworks. The creator draws on science, art, philosophy and inner reflection to illustrate production, reproduction and sustainability.

The four-part project asks questions and explores perspectives on existence and production, sometimes focusing on motherhood or production itself, but also emphasising the dynamics of exploitation, accumulation and inheritance.

For the four chapters, The Act of Producing, Offspring, Family Album and Faire Une Photographie, the artist exposed plants and organic materials to light of specific amounts and wavelengths to create visual objects and photographic experiences that help her to demonstrate the many ways in which the medium can be used.

Almudena Romero, a Spanish artist currently based in London, was the tenth winner of the BMW Residency programme, as a part of which The Pigment Change, which was to be exhibited at TOBE Gallery, was presented in 2021 at several important venues (Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles, Gobelins School of Visual Arts, Paris Photo).

Curators: Puskás Bea, Opitz Tomas