Ákos Czigány: Retina
Várfok Gallery
1012 Budapest
Várfok utca 11.
16 September – 29 October 2022

6 PM, 15 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Ákos Czigány: Replica 1.2, 2016/2022, LightJet C-print, 68 x 68 cm

Ákos Czigány (1972, Budapest) combines documentarian, conceptual and abstract approaches in his art. The material now on view at Várfok Gallery explores the extremes of vision. The painterly structures of mirrors without reflections, the ethereal world of artificial eyes full of life, the monochrome fields of dissected telephone screens: Ákos Czigány's new series (Speculum, Replica and Self-Portrait) evince, again and again, an artist with an analytical mind, a penchant for meticulousness and a philosophical outlook. As usual, Czigány goes beyond the traditional limits of photography, placing the objects of what is a momentary illusion of reality in a new context and creating a unique visuality in his works.

Curator: Kovács Krisztina