45 years in Focus
Pécs Gallery
7621 Pécs
Széchenyi tér 11.
14 September – 17 October 2022

6 PM, 14 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Tamás Lajos
Borbély Tamás: Flower of Light, Pellérd, 2019, digital process, 50 x 50 cm

It had to be more than an accident of historical proportions that “new photography” became so interesting in Pécs in the 1980s that it suddenly reared its head and generated a dedicated community of artists, the Focus Group, which has been a creative community for 45 years and is of some importance for the history of photography. The rich history behind the group can now be studied in critiques, catalogues and books. The identity that solidified over the course of more than four decades – defined in themes, techniques and styles – both echoed and shaped the cultural and social milieu in which they worked. Within a framework of strong individuality and committed community representation, they attempted to give form to the quality of the time they experienced through the means of photography. Most of the works on display, however, are recent, and there are only a few pictures from the past. In their treatment of their lifestyles, their surroundings and their experiences, they have found forms that run the gamut from mechanical objectivity to being imbued with the melancholy of old age, but all are equally intimate and monumental.

The exhibition was realized with support from the Photography College of the National Cultural Fund.

Exhibiting artists: Borbély Tamás, Harnóczy Örs, Kálmándy P. Ferenc, Marsalkó Péter

Curator: Aknai Tamás