22nd Esztergom Photography Biennale: MANU-TYPE
Esztergom Castle Museum of the Hungarian National Museum
2500 Esztergom
Szent István tér 1.
09 September – 09 October 2022

5 PM, 09 September 2022
Opening speech by:
Tamás Féner
A montage from the works of seven award-winners of the 22nd Esztergom Photography Biennale, 2022

The 11th Esztergom Photography Biennale, subtitled MANU PROPRIA, opened 24 years ago, on 11 September. No one could have known at the time how significant this date – 9/11 – would become for the world. Similarly, few could have guessed that a quarter of a century later the theme of the competition would be more relevant than ever. At that time, digital technology had reached the point where 2.3 MP cameras were already “affordable.” Today, that figure brings a smile on a photographer’s face. Back then, the Biennale declared its support for works that were made with the use of archaic photochemical and photographic processes. There is a growing interest among photographers and visual artists in MANU-TYPE, the artisanal, archaic, photography-based process of image-making.

The 22nd EPB – MANU-TYPE is thus not without precedents. The old techniques also make the task of today’s artists more difficult: the task of creating works that are contemporary, their message valid.

Works made with archaic techniques and manual processes include daguerreotypes, photogravures, phototypes, ferrotypes, argentotype, wet and dry plates, cliché verre feats, Polaroid lifts, etc. Everything can be used, and we will even present the results of newly invented chemical processes. Gelatin silver prints on commercially available photo paper were welcome, but manual processing was favoured overall by the jury. Digital prints were not accepted in this competition.

Exhibiting artists: Adorján Attila, Agócs József, Bakody Máté, Balogh Gábor, Baloghné Kovács Matild, Baráth Gábor, Benkőné Kovács Márta, Chochol Etelka, Cseke Evelyn, Dudás Szabolcs, Fejér János, Felicides Ildikó, Fiala de Gábor, Gábor Béla, Gábor Enikő, Gálos László, Gombos Lajos, Görbe Anita, Gyenes Kata, Haid Attila, Herendi Péter, Hupjan Attila, Ilku János, Kenesei János, Kiss Gábor Gibbó, Koscsó László, Liszi Renáta, M. Fodor Éva, Méhész Balázs, Mihály András, Murvai Ervin, Nagy István, Nagy Tamás, Palotás Lehel, Papp Anita, Síró Lajos, SógorAndrás, Sprenc Balázs, Szabó Andrea, Szabó Maya, Szamódy Zsolt Olaf, Szemán Ferenc, Szőke Erika, Tarjáni Antal, Tuskáné Koncz Éva, Újhelyi Dalma, V. Molnár Imre, Varga Tamás, Varga Tibor, Venczel Attila, Walton Eszter, Zsila Sándor

Curator: Gál András