AJAMK – Mácsai István Gallery
1131 Budapest, József Attila tér 4.
7–31 October 2021

7 October 2021, 6 PM
Opening speech by:
Zsolt Bátori: Untitled, from the series Memories Burnt into the Retina, 2017, giclée print, 40 × 50 cm

Your visual memories are an important aspect of your personal life story, and as such, play a key role in the construction and continuous recreation of your personality. Your deepest, most intimately preserved memories are simultaneously unforgettable, indelible, and receding, fading out in a filmic way, with the details becoming broadbrush and less and less important. The exhibition mixes the images of real and imaginary memories, constructing a new experience of the self from the real impressions of a life lived and the possible memories of imagined lives. Some of the locations and images are related to my life and its events, while the rest are the visual impressions of imagined, possible lives that were not mine. I created the memories of my imagined life stories in places and among objects I only briefly came in contact with. Reality and imagination came to meet in these images, multiplying my potential lives, as it were, filling them with visual substance.

The project was supported by the APRA Foundation Berlin.