Margaret Island Mineral Water Bottling Plant
1138 Budapest, Schulek Frigyes sétány
12 November – 5 December 2021

Opening speech by:
Zoltán Molnár: Erzsébetváros, Keleti Railway Station, gelatin silver print, 50 × 60 cm

The photographer is a lonely, keen observer, always up to new challenges, ever new voluntary missions to explore, to learn, to understand the land, the spaces. Zoltán Molnár is one such open-minded, adventure-seeking photographer, who in many of his series chose metropolises as his field of action. The series, Chaospace Station “takes place” in a Budapest full of challenges, this is where he never tires to get involved in adventures, in turn joyful and gloomy, languid and avid. All of the photographer’s pictures of Budapest are informed with the devoted love with which he turns to his subject, documents and understands a sliver of the complex world of the metropolis. How do marginalized people, dogs and pigeons feel in Budapest? Why is a train or subway station sad? Find the answers as you look at Budapest through the photographs of Zoltán Molnár.

Curator: Gabriella Uhl