Foton Gallery
1053 Budapest, Képíró utca 6.
26 October – 6 November 2021

25 October 2021, 6 PM
Opening speech by:
Zoltán György Fejér: Artificial Brain, 2019/2021, photogram on colour Agfa paper, acrylic and tempera added, 24 × 30 cm

How can painting and photography intertwine? A possible mode is illustrated by the works of Zoltán György Fejér, a Lifetime Achievement Award-winning (2011) member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers.

Fejér has been making the chemograms that he finds artistically more expressive than the methods of conventional photography since 2006. He applies chemicals, as well as tempera and acrylic, to photographic paper, using a brush or sprinkling them. The hues are coordinated on the Dokubrom – photographic paper for gelatin silver bromide prints – and Polaroid sheets and the gestures are similar, yet the interdisciplinary creative process results in a divergently creative imagery.

Today, electronic is the mainstream, which prompts the question where this type of imaging is positioned in photography. Is it sufficiently explicitly hardcore—or unintelligible? Let the viewer decide!

Kurátor / curator: REICHERT Eszter

This exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund.