Hungarian National Museum
1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút 14-16. /
24 September – 31 October 2021

Opening speech by:
Ralph Pace (USA), winner of the Environment category

Authentic images, true stories of the past year

The pandemic has defined our lives recently. While humanity is working together to overcome the epidemic through global collaboration, photojournalists are also reporting on regional conflicts, social problems, beautiful natural scenes, environmental protection and sporting events at this exhibition. We are presented with stories and events that would otherwise escape our attention, and cause us now to stop, identify, consider and sympathize.

The international jury selected 151 images from 74470 photos by 4315 photojournalists from 130 countries.

The increasingly popular online media is represented by Digital Storytelling, a side event that shows films and multimedia works, and provides a cinematic experience with documentary films.

Shown at 120 venues across the world, this travelling exhibition is seen by over four million people. The Hungarian display, held at the Hungarian National Museum, is one of the most visited shows in the world. Instead of the usual four weeks, this year the exhibition can be visited for five weeks.