WEEGEE – THE FAMOUS, 1935–1960
Mai Manó House
1065 Budapest
Nagymező u. 20.
18 October, 2018
20 January, 2019
18 October, 2018 at 6:00 pm
Opening speech by:
József Végh, psychologist
Weegee, Arrested for bribing basketball-players, 1945 © Courtesy Institute for Cultural Exchange, Germany 2018

WEEGEE – THE FAMOUS, 1935–1960

In the 1930s and 1940s Weegee’s name was closely associated with New York and life in the city. In a society distressed by economic and mental depression, Weegee confronted his viewers with loneliness, poverty and crime. At the same time, he also showed moments of beauty and happiness, which were also parts of life in the Lower East Side, Harlem or Bowery. The subjects, however, were not solely responsible for his renown: the artistic force, dramatic effect, raw realism and sharp contrasts of his pictures made him a pioneer for generations of photographers to follow him.

This exhibition at Mai Manó House features 104 of Weegee’s best photos, which draw an intimate portray of New York.