Art Market Budapest 2021 @ Bálna
1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.
7–10 October 2021

Opening speech by:
Jindřich Štreit: From Darkness to Light, 2020, digital print, 30 × 45 cm

Each year, at Art Market Budapest’s initiative, a series of cultural programs and a complex art festival takes place in Budapest to accompany the fair and to celebrate the artistic treasures of a selected location. As the region’s leading international art fair, Art Market Budapest has always considered its duty and responsibility to introduce Central and Eastern Europe to the global art world. In order to strengthen tendencies leaning towards the growing significance of regional collaborations, contemporary art of Central Europe, more precisely the countries of the so called Visegrad Group including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia is now placed in the focus of attention, and an art festival titled VISEGRAD CONTEMPORARY is organized in October 2021 to accompany the current edition of the fair.

The goals and the significance of the so called Visegrad cooperation are often discussed on the level and in the language of politics and history: the main aim of the festival is to present them as a relevant and living social and cultural phenomena taking advantage of the toolbox of contemporary art.