TOBE Gallery
1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 36.
20 October – 27 November 2021

19 October 2021, 5 PM
Opening speech by:
Viktor Váradi: Development – 36 family slides, 4'20", 2018, archival pigment print, 60 × 40 cm

Viktor Váradi’s new photo series, Development, is the story of a family—and more, as is evident from the ambiguous title. The events unfold in accordance with an almost cinematic, linear dramaturgy. And, true to form, it is an exciting narrative, full of unexpected surprises. It’s brilliant how much fits in this not overly long story. It is like an extended haiku, telling how a young man grows up, finds his way, makes attachments. If it were a movie, it would be 120 minutes long; as a novel, it would be a 300-page book. The trick is that the words outline the events, and the rest is entrusted to the images. The information that can be found in the text and the creative imaging is simultaneously and successfully exploited. The extremely heterogeneous visual material is part of a highly readable construction, where the criteria for building traditional photo series are no longer valid. Here, the visual heterogeneity refers to the series of former experiments, and as such, has a function.

As with a film, it would be unkind to tell you more about the details. (Miklós Gulyás)

This exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund.