Budapest Unitarian Congregation Exhibition Hall
1055 Budapest, Nagy Ignác utca 2-4.
3 October – 29 November 2021

3 October 2021, 12 PM
Opening speech by:
István Lengyák
Sándor Zsila: Bond, 2006, digital print on canvas, 70 × 50 cm

For years, I have felt that those who live, work and seek to survive in “reality” are coming apart at the seams in the midst of their worries. Their feelings are blurred, their attention is focused on rational things. Is this the world we’re living in today? NO! I really hope we don’t.

My friend, István Lengyák chose poems to accompany the pictures. I selected those that best match the pictures, hoping they will speak for me, for us, and will elicit the lost feelings. Visitors may go on and do what they have to do armed with more faith, do it a little better, more nicely, with more persistence and love. And I hope they’ll entertain these attitudes also towards photography and nature, and will be unsolicited advocates of the exhibition. (Sándor Zsila)