Portrait Without Faces
PH21 Gallery
1093 Budapest
Ráday utca 55.
20 October – 12 November 2022

6 PM, 22 October 2022
Opening speech by:
Zoltán Dragon
Julie Mihaly (USA): Woman on Raft in Pool

One of the most important genres of representational media, the portrait is as old as the history of the visual arts, and it has been governed by written and unwritten rules, conventions and cultural expectations that changed from one era to the next. Photography is no exception from this rule. A number of distinctive and distinct forms have emerged for portraiture during the history of the medium. It is generally assumed that the face is a necessary element of a portrait, although at least as much can be shown by an image that depicts other parts of the body of the person to be portrayed, or objects closely associated with them, or their characteristic surroundings. A portrait that does not focus on the face can open up new dimensions of interpretation. With the exhibition Without a Face, we want to provide space for this less conventional approach to the genre.

Curators: Bátori Zsolt és Jász Borbála