Milán Radisics: Our Footprint
Hungarian National Museum
1088 Budapest
Múzeum körút 14-16.
23 September – 30 October 2022

Opening speech by:
Radisics Milán: Minas de Riotinto, Sevilla, Spain, 2019, fine art print, 150 x 1500 and 100 x 100 cm

Our Footprint – The Effect of Humans on Our Planet is a series of beautiful aerial photos with which Milán Radisics uncovers dramatic changes in Europe. This is a long-term photo and multimedia project that investigates the evolution of waterways on Earth. Starting in Iceland, Milan Radisics travelled across sixteen countries to study shrinking glaciers and the meandering of rivers, with a particular interest in blooming lakes, rivers and streams before humans could impress their mark on these territories. To complete the circle, he eventually comes to dried-up watercourses and riverbeds – recognisable from the crop fields in the area – providing an ominous glimpse of what lies ahead if water disappears completely due to climate change. These aerial photos teeter on the line between abstraction and documentation: from a distance, they resemble abstract paintings, but up close they reveal reality, sometimes the marks man has pressed on the planet.

Curators: Marianna Kiscsatári, Tamás Révész