Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library Gallery
1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1. /
11 November – 9 December 2021

Opening speech by:
Anissza Olteán: Self-portrait, 2021

Exhibition of the photography programme of the Vocational School of Fine and Applied Arts

A journey through space and time, through worlds real and created, micro- and macro- cosmoses. Presence and love in today’s Budapest, in the time of Covid, the traces of bygone days and transformation in the capital and in the country, the familiar and at the same time surprisingly new views of the Danube bank in documentary photographs. The results of bold and free-spirited experimentation: chemical-induced damages to the film; embryo sculptures coated in emulsion and body representations exposed on them—the works of young artists in search of themselves and means of expression. These works, created with the support of supervisers János Fejér and Zoltán Molnár, were created to meet exam requirements, and highlight the knowledge of photographer students at the “Kisképző” (Small Academy).

This exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund.