Károly Minyó Szert: View from this side
Artphoto Gallery
1111 Budapest
Bartók Béla út 30.
11 October – 10 November 2022

6 PM, 11 October 2022
Opening speech by:
Zoltán Erő
Károly Minyó Szert: Viewed from This Side, 2018, original artwork, Plexiglass picture mounted on an analogue photo by the artist, 50 x 50 cm

This exhibition at Artphoto Gallery looks at photographer Károly Minyó Szert’s work, which is special in terms of themes and techniques, and aims to create original images. The works on view were created over a long period, from the 1980s to the present, and many of them have not been exhibited before. Some of the works made earlier were given their final form now, and the selection will aptly represent an approach to image-making that is very broad in terms of both subject matter and technique, from classical analogue photography to Plexiglas-based images and modern techniques—all in the spirit of technology serving unique image-making.