Art9 Gallery
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 47.
27 October – 6 November 2020

Opening speech by:
Enikő Gábor: Introversions - UB1 (bent version/spread-out version), 2020, photo-chemogram, 30 x 40 cm

Enikő Gábor’s series, Introversions constitutes a distinctive interpretation of the means of photography. Her method is to expose a bent sheet of photographic paper, which thus both captures and is the subject captured. With this ultimate act of simplification, a state of abstraction is created that cannot be further reduced. The visual arts frequently cite the problem of vision, but this is the paradox of the eye that sees itself, which has more to do with the conundrum of consciousness than with vision. The mysterious world of visual abstraction thus resembles reaching back to ourselves, accessing our inner worlds, the processes of self-understanding. The three-dimensional form is initially but a frame, without tones. The shades appear together with the image that can be spread out of it; the internal image can be said to be toning the outer one. There is a logical, and consequently seemingly easy-to-unravel, correlation between the flat and the three-dimensional image, however, it will be made as complex by the cunning folds as our interior motives.

Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár