MyMuseum Gallery
1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 30/a
30 October – 6 December 2020

Opening speech by:
Isabel Val: The Stolen Summer, 2020, rotoscopy, drawing, HD video, 3'10", 4:3, videostill / Courtesy of the artist and MyMuseum Gallery

The exhibition explores personal themes, which are universal at the same time. It is often said that female artists are too personal in their voice, and this hinders them from reaching the quality standards set by male artists. With our show we want to demonstrate how valuable personal is, and how universally vital the knowledge is that can be imparted by analysing intimate stories. Four female artists, Barbara Moura, Anna Rubi, Veronika Szendrő and Isabel Val, discuss immensely personal and highly sensitive topics, and, very importantly, by doing so they deepen their viewers’ understanding of religious, social and psychological processes.

The bigger room of the gallery is occupied by Isabel Val’s large-scale project, which includes videos of choreographed performances, drawings, and audio installations, all of which reflect on the feeling of loss. Similarly intimate, but enriched with multiple layers of social implications, is Anna Rubi’s animation on a personal anecdote of a disabled woman. Just as Rubi’s animation, Moura’s series of drawings is also very symbolic in nature, and present social problems by depicting personal drama. Szendrő’s video piece is a mantra, which reinterprets the role of religion in the life of the individual, while also being the artist’s very own confession to herself.

All the exhibited artworks examine the individual’s diverse connections to the world by telling a story. as regards their style, the stories follow traditional genres, such as a prayer, child’s drawings, a cartoon or comics, and this creates intimacy—a quality that provides a platform for the deep analysis of multiple, interconnected perspectives.

Exhibiting artists: Barbara Moura, Anna Rubi, Veronika Szendrő, Isabel Val