Art9 Gallery
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 47.
2–16 November 2021

Opening speech by:
Attila Haid: Háros Bay 2, 2021, gelatin silver print, 40 × 80 cm

People today orient themselves in the visible world in essentially two ways: by interpreting visual signs and/or reading linguistic signs. You can test yourself to see whether you prioritize one or the other when an image is accompanied by a text— whether you try to decode the visual sign first, and read the related information later, or go the other way round, and use the lesson of the text to interpret the image. Most people are more confident with the messages of written signs, but there are some who can read images better. The phenomenon has inspired astonishing research results in many disciplines as well as extraordinary creations in photography.

The fourth joint exhibition of these four photographers seeks to examine the relationship between image and text, the characteristics of handwriting and calligraphy, which are falling out of use, and what corresponds to them in photography. The participants aimed to create images in which the linguistic and visual signs appear as coequal partners, complementing or contradicting each other.

Exhibiting artists: DRÉGELY Imre, HAID Attila, HERENDI Péter, MOLNÁR Zoltán