PaperLab, Mai Manó House
1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 20.
27 October – 5 December 2021

Opening speech by:
Anna Püschel: Layers of Reality (from the series), 2017, The Eriskay Collection

I was relieved to hear that many synaesthetes are not aware that their reality looks different to those of others—and that, once they find out about their divergence in perception, they mostly state how much they appreciate the way their brain brings the world to them. I started a project on synaesthesia because I do not perceive it only as a funny twist of evolution. For me, this topic also raises the fundamental question of the extent to which we as individuals share the same reality.

Layers of Reality is not a reference work, but a personal journey into my individual perception. My goal is to show that this phenomenon is not a disease, nor are synaesthetes making anything up. We are not sick and we do not need to be treated. Synaesthesia creates much controversy, as I learned during my research, and I do not aspire to solve all misconceptions or explain this phenomenon in every tiny detail. What I want is to make it accessible by offering a personal approach, and to help spread awareness about synaesthesia. By enriching my own findings with scientific approaches from different disciplines, I hope this book will answer a few questions and raise many more.

I feel we should all remember that what we perceive is not static, but a construct of our senses.It is our perception that shapes our world. There is not one single reality. (Anna Püschel)

Curators: KISS Imre, SCHULLER Judit Flóra