Alan Hyža: Memory
Slovakian Institute in Budapest
1088 Budapest
Rákóczi út 15.
24 October, 2018
23 November, 2018
24 October, 2018 at 5:00 pm
Opening speech by:
Gabriella Uhl
Alan Hyža

Alan Hyža: Memory

Photographer Alana Hyza sets out to follow the traces of Slovakians past. He records the echoes of times materialized in the shots of ancient small churches and places of final rest. By playing with light or compositions, the castles and chateaus, as well as basilicas, churches, towers and chapels from every region of Slovakia give evidence of the country's history and fragile beauty. Alan Hyza (1964) lives in Bratislava. He has published eight photography books and has received several domestic and foreign awards. In 2009, the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava awarded his book 'Misia' with the Egon Erwin Kisch prize while also honoring him as the Photographer of the Year.