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Traces - Contemporary Baltic Photography

FUGA - Budapesti Építészeti Központ, 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor street 5.
2014. October 29. - 2014. November 27.
Opening:2014. October 29. 17:00
Ivars Gravlejs

In the framework of Hungarian Month of Photography festival in Budapest in 2012 the Young Photographers’s Studio launched a creative idea and workshop activity into the scene cooperating with young, emerging experts (sociologists, historians, antopologists) of Kontra Műhely. The artists and researchers addressed social phenomena and problems that concern young people in their twenties and thirties – their own generation. The workshop functioned as a creative community and an open university. The main topic researched the uniquniess of this generation how the political changes influenced their life and achivements.

In 2014 the Hungarian Month of Photography festival is willing to continue this topic but in wider scale and invite the Baltic countries to tell their opinions, stories and experiences on this topic in through a common exhibition project which mostly based on the usage of private archives as a main theme of the 10th photofestival in Budapest. The show focuses more on the usage of archive, revising history and addressing memory without agelimit among the invited artists.

The up-date of the topic is in connection with the increasing interest in the global  research field to the Eastern and Central European region.

The Baltic project would be initiate self inspection and offer an overview of how the private archives recall the memory, focusing on the  soviet period. Are the people mentality does  differ from those who were born before or after the regime changed? Does it influnece their mentality to have spent part of their life in socialism but to have experienced the political trasition? Do  they have a set of values and model for the family and for work  which are based on the former socialist models but these  established models do not work anymore in the global economy and especially in the global art scene.

The works which we are expected at the planning exhibition would be self-reflection of the generations which point beyond themselves when they represent the current social issues and problems. In a boarder sense the project is related to the history of Baltic countries, the political transition influenced the way of thinking of all generation.

artists: Maria Kapajeva (EE-UK), Dénes Farkas (EE-HU), Silja Saarepuu & Vilu Plink (EE), Ivars Gravlejs (LV), Reinis Lismanis (LV), Inga Erdmane & Ilze Vanaga (LV), Arnis Balcus (LV), Donatas Stankevičius (LT), Darius Kuzmickas (LT), Gintaras Česonis (LT), Mindaugas Kavaliauskas & Aleksandras Macijauskas (LT)

curators: Krital Raelsaar (EE), Arnis Balcus (LV), Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (LT)

opening speech: Csilla E. Csorba the director of Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum

Special thanks to Móni Segesdi the head of Estonian Institute, Budapest


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